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All the products guaranteed by defects of quality from life. To make it effective, we must consider the recommendations d utilisation of the products. These defects will be recognized which are not caused by misuse.

Those are some recommendations for the care of the semi-precious jewellery and bisuterķa:

a) Do not allow the direct contact of its jewellery with lacquers, creams, lotions, perfumes and dyes. b) Keep the objects in its packing individual or hung to avoid rayons and changes in manner.                                                                                                                                                       c) Avoid falls of the product.

All the products are revised before the office. However, we solicit to him to revise the product and their packing by receiving them. In caso of nonconformity by defects in this last, it will have to follow the following instructions.


By receiving a product in bad condition, or caused by manufacturing defects or ill treatment in transport, you will have to write with the electronic direction at the latest, in the 24 following hours to d'avoir received the product, by describing us his nonconformity. While being detected manufacturing defects, we will be been willing to replace the product by one that this A its satisfaction supplements and will carry out immediately the change of the product by equal or who is equivalent monetary spirit to with that requested initially.



In the case of l annulation d'une already requested order, only one would refund to him 70% of the value of the requested goods




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